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Art that makes you RE-live every great experience

About The Artist

The moment I picked up a paintbrush and started creating, I knew that art was my true passion. It became my sanctuary, a place where I could pour my emotions and thoughts onto a canvas and transform them into something tangible and meaningful.
Through the act of creating, I find a sense of release and renewed sense of purpose. It is a form of therapy that allows me to navigate the complexities of life and find healing in the process.

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  • I had Carmel work on turning one of my favorite photos into a jacket masterpiece; she painted a photo of me that I love on the back of a jean jacket . Carmel truly understood what I wanted, weaving in the personal elements I requested to create a dynamic piece that feels uniquely me. Carmel's dedication to bringing my vision to life made working together a fantastic experience. I highly recommend Carmel for anyone wanting a one-of-a-kind wearable art piece.

    Caroline Alarcon

  • Carmel's art and apparel designs are very lovely and distinct.  She effortlessly intertwines thoughtful and brilliant images that allows one to feel the energy and ponder its interpretation in a myriad of ways. I also love the vibrant colors and breathable fabrics used for the clothing. The items arrived in a timely fashion. Great seller!I  I plan to make additional purchases!

    Marcy Spencer

  • Carmel is so amazing! Her skills are truly nice and so detailed. Such a joy to work with her and support her amazing business! Thank you, keep doing what you're doing. 

    Edreana Senatus

  • Most Beautiful Art work that I have, I'm a repeat customer and I will continue to support this artist.She's amazing!

    Kendrick Mozee

  • Purchasing this customized bag was a very easy process and the artist took all my considerations into account to creating a piece that I am very proud to carry around. This is now my personal bag when traveling which turns heads and start conversation. Thanks Carmel, we have to do something else.

    Frantz Joachim

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